Anonymous asked:
What're some songs like Coming Down by Five Finger Death Punch? Like really about suicide.

10 Years Today from Bullet For My Valentine is the only other one I know, but I think on Google you shoud find some more.
By the way I think Coming Down has the most powerfull music video from all songs I know.

Anonymous asked:
Are you an italian boy?

No, I’m from Germany :P

Anonymous asked:
Your blog is so good.

Thank you :)

deadrosepeddles asked:
I love this account holy. I reblog like everything you post 😂 but yeah, this account is perfect!! <33

Thank you very much :) Nice to hear you like it so much :)

Anonymous asked:
Love your blog so much 😭😭😭👏👏👏 I've been looking for gifs like this forever

Thanks a lot c:

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