torirhinehart asked:
when im on ur blog if i wanna clock on something its the satanic cross how did u do that bc its really cool
gxm-people asked:
ich liebe dich

uuhhh danke c:

Anonymous asked:
Wieso hast du einen suizid blog? o:

Weil ich den mal für mich selber erstellt hab, weil ich diese Bilder irgendwie faszinierend und auch auf ne gewisse Weise hypnotisierend finde und sie irgendwo speichern wollte, damit sie nicht meine Favoriten zumüllen.

msdrago asked:
What exactly is the point of this blog?

It was intended for collecting this type of pictures for myself, so they won’t spam my favorites. I never thought that I would gain so much followers with this…

Anonymous asked:
I just want my mum to know. That I see you going through these blogs everyday. I'm stood right there. But you don't care about me. All you care about is my sister. And my dad only cares about my brother. I just want you to know. I wont trouble you anymore. Because iI know you don't give a shit. I just sit in my room and cry. Thanks for noting. Mum. Yours faithfully, Your least favourite daughter.
screamingsuicidexx asked:
holy shit this is the best account I've ever seen.! post more <3!!!!

Thank you very much :)
I would post more, but then I would soon run out of pictures to post :P

feelingworthlessandshit asked:
My favourite tumblr. You are my inspiration. <3 <3 I love the way you help others <3

Thank you :) 
I’m always trying to help the people who message me, but sometimes I can’t find the right answer or just don’t know how to embold them to carry on, because I’m also in a bad mood or can’t motivate myself to think about a long answer and these things… Than I’m always worried that these persons do something bad to them or so… :/

Anonymous asked:
does it seriously makes you happy when someone tells you he likes your blog? i mean.. your blog is ful of suicide and isn't it kinda sad when someone loves these art of pictures? don't get me wrong please.. just.. you know what i mean.. that's not something to be happy about, that's really, really sad..

I know what you mean, it’s really nothing to be proud of.
But I don’t know, I think everyone is happy if someone tells them that they like what they’ve created. This blog was actually intended for collecting this type of pictures for myself, because I find them some kind of fascinating. Not in a positive way, just like I’m staring at them and thinking about them. It’s like beeing mesmerized… 

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